【English-friendly shop : Cafe “Naisyo”, a real secret hideaway / 英語OK!な店:これぞ隠れ家!カフェ「ないしょ」】

Hello everyone!
Today’s English-friendly spot is Cafe “Naisyo”!
The word Naisyo means secret in Japanese. As the name implies, it’s a hidden café shop operated by a Hamburg steak restaurant “Hamburg -ya SS389(ハンバーグ家SS389)”.

The entrance is at the back of the Hamburg steak restaurant. It may not look like a real cafe is there, but trust me. Open a small back door and go upstairs, and you will enter a nice and comfy cafe with lovely decor!

Their specialty is galette, a savory buckwheat pancake. Although the filling changes daily, Nagasaki wagyu/beef and a sunny-side up egg is their most famous dish. They carefully choose their ingredients which are mostly from Nagasaki. Click the photo below to see more photos of Safee’s webpage. Paninis and cakes look simply delicious!

Menu is all Japanese, but English-speaking staff are available (simple conversation only). Needless to say, their main shop “Hamburg-ya SS389” is also a great place to dine out (English menu is available).

Photos with map from here, information provided by SAFEE:


Address:21-334 Oroshihon-machi, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nDCG63eqo122E7WY7
Hours: 0:00 pm– 4:00 pm
Closed: irregular

オススメは大きくて具だくさんのガレット。具材は日替わりですが、長崎和牛やハンバーグなどどれも美味しそう! ガレット(galette)はフランス語なので、savory buckwheat pancake(塩味のそば粉パンケーキ)と説明を加えました。fillingは中に詰める具材のこと。餃子や肉まんの具から、サンドイッチ、クレープの具まで幅広く使えます。またハンバーグのHamburgは地名(ハンブルグ)でもあるので、Hamburg steak というのが一般的です。

a secret hideaway 隠れ家
a back door 裏口
decor 室内装飾(インテリア)
a sunny-side up egg 片面だけ焼いた半熟目玉焼き
look simply delicious ただただ美味しそうに見える
Needless to say 言うまでもなく
dine out 外食する(家で食べる場合は dine in)

詳しい情報は下の写真をクリック! 長崎県に特化したウェブメディア「SAFEE(サフィー)」さんのHPへ

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