【Weekend Event】Senryu Brewery Kurabiraki /潜龍酒造蔵開き春の陣

Hello sake lovers!

This weekend, kurabiraki, a celebration event, will be held at Senryu Brewery to release its new sake!

At this event, you can drink cask sake (樽酒 tarusake)and cloudy sake(にごり酒 nigori-zake)  for free. Also, there’ll be freshly-pressed namagenshu (unpasteurized and undiluted sake), limited edition sake, a food market, stage performances, and more!

Senryu Brewery is a long-established brewery which has history of more than 330 years! And it preserves its own traditional handmade methods without using machines. All sakes are made from locally grown rice and pure spring water. Which means, it’s worth tasting!

If you would like to drink sake, please use a public transportation. It is 10 minutes from Emukae-Kashimae station of MR train.

Kurabiraki at Senryu Brewery
・4/6(Sat.) from 10 am to 5 pm
4/7(Sun.) from 10 am to 4 pm
209 Nagasaka Emukae cho, Sasebo-city

春の花見と一緒に欠かせないのは、おいしいお酒♪ 今週末は潜龍酒造で蔵開きが行われます。春の蔵開きは、絞りたての「生原酒」が楽しめるのが特徴!加熱殺菌されていない(unpasteurized)、薄められていない(undiluted)お酒だそうです。ぜひ飲んでみたいですね!


~ Brewery ○○酒造
cask sake 樽酒
cloudy sakeにごり酒
freshly-pressed 絞りたて
long-established 長い伝統のある
locally grown 地元産の
locally grown 地元産の
spring water 湧き水

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