【Koba-furyu: Nagasaki’s folk asset /木場浮立:長崎県指定の無形民俗文化財】

Have you ever heard of “Furyu”? It is like traditional mass dancing with musical percussion instruments such as drums and bells. It used to be distributed mainly in Saga prefecture.

“Koba-furyu” in Kurokami-cho, Sasebo was originally a peasants’ event of praying for rain which was introduced into Sasebo area from Saga in 1630. It consists of musical band and dance with about 100 people. Every single movement is controlled by director’s wooden clappers. They appear resembling “Daimyo-Gyoretsu”(procession of a feudal lord) and dance in the yard. They perform 8 different dances and “Shishi-mai”(Dragon dance) with palm bark on is the most attractive and typical one.

Koba-furyu is extremely valuable as it has succeeded its ancient rites for more than 320 years. It is annually open to the public on the first Sunday, April on the Kamikoba ground.

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